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Let Coaching Lighthouse navigate you through the  journey of becoming a coach.

Our training philosophy is guided by:

We believe in lightness, completeness and accuracy of content and delivery of our training. 


A coaching model that is structured enough to begin with confidence, and

flexible enough to embrace real-world coaching scenarios.


Go deep on essentials before going wide with concepts.

Develop competence and confidence quickly.

Deepen with practice and mentoring.


The art of facilitating breakthrough and transformation, the soul of

Executive, Development and Life coaching.

Artistry of Coaching

The art of facilitating breakthrough and transformation, the soul of

Executive, Development and Life coaching.


'Artistry of Coaching' is an International Coach Federation Accredited Coach Training Program, designed to develop professional coaching competencies and deep understanding of the principles that guide coaching. The graduates  of this course will be honored as 'Coaching Lighthouse Certified Coach'and on fulfilling other ICF eligibility requirements may apply for the Professional Certified Coach credential from ICF through the ACTP route. 

The philosophy of human




guides our coaching approach.

Seed is the tree

Coaching enables people to connect to core values and purpose, set and achieve significant goals  and grow in the process


Providing a 'holistic' approach to coaching, the Life Spiral depicts the influence between a person’s way of being, beliefs & values, vision & goals, capabilities, actions and outcomes. 


Whether you are exploring coaching as a curious beginner or familiar with coaching and looking for more structure and process or a practicing coach progressing to mastery, you will find the 'powerful simplicity' of this program enriching. 

Deep dive with  masterful facilitators to explore the principles, methodologies and competencies of coaching to progress from doing coaching to becoming a coach. Artistry of coaching is an immersive learning experience that is hands-on, intense and enjoyable.

You will learn:

  • The principles and the science of coaching

  • A holistic approach to human development: The ‘Life Spiral’

  • Setting the stage for effective coaching based on agreements and shared understanding

  • Building a coaching relationship based on trust and respect

  • Defining and setting powerful goals

  • Processing goal categories: doing, being, having, giving and growing

  • Developing a coaching plan: The structure of a coaching engagement

  • The OPAL coaching model: The structure of a coaching session

  • Coaching and feedback cycle for maximizing learning

  • Listening to expand the client’s expression

  • Responding to expand the client’s awareness

  • The art of powerful questioning

  • Invoking the client’s self-awareness: Challenging and advocating

  • Sustaining motivation through change

  • Facilitating insights and solutions through creative tools and thinking frames

  • Coaching the Life Spiral: using the macro model for holistic coaching

  • Designing actions for goal achievement and growth

  • Managing progress towards the goal and keeping the client accountable

  • Coaching through challenging phases

  • ICF code of ethics and core competencies




Flexible, modular pathway to your Coach education and Credentials:


For your convenience, the program is offered in two parts:

AOC-Associate logo 2019.png
AOC-Professional logo 2019.png

Each part is synchronized with the training and mentoring requirements for the ICF Associate Certified Coach (ACC) & Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credentials respectively.

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