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‘I had been looking to get into coaching and complete the ICF certification process. The sessions that lead up to the certification are unlike any training or certification that I'd heard about so I was very selective and keen that I start this journey with the right set of facilitators who have breadth of knowledge and depth of practice and more importantly depth in their own being.  


I had heard very good feedback on Coaching Lighthouse and so I decided to go ahead with them. Alan, Pragati and the entire circle of coaches brought in wonderful insights, reflections as well as strong theoretical understanding and multiple sessions of skills practice. The small group of participants from various walks of life brought in rich and diverse experiences and exposures and enriched discussions. Regular coaching sessions and weekend feedback sharing and refreshing concepts kept the topics relevant and helped in peer coaching in a safe environment that facilitated in learning and growth. 


My biggest takeaways were the rich and deep discussions, insights and reflections and practical advice to start the coaching journey and a wonderful peer group.  I would highly recommend Alan, Pragati and the team for these certifications and I wish them continued success in their journeys.’

Sanghamitra Mukherjee 

Head - Talent Management & Organizational Development, Novartis India

Latha Emmatty Gupta, ACC

Director Human Resources, METRO Global Business Services.

‘I recently attended a PCC level coach training program with Coaching Lighthouse over the last 3 months. It was very well structured with excellent content, superb delivery and a good mix of theory and practical application. I walked out feeling competent and confident. A great program for corporates and individuals. Thank You Alan and Pragati for putting it together and for the awesome coaches you have been to me all through my coaching journey.’

Rupinder Binder 

Bank of America

Attending ACTP with Alan and Pragati has been an immensely fulfilling experience. Their passion, commitment and knowledge in the field of coaching is inspiring. The environment of trust and freedom to be yourself in the sessions helped me in self-awareness and insightful learning...we co-created a space which i will cherish for rest of my life! With Artistry of Coaching, I have embarked my journey of never-ending learning! Thanks for touching my life in such a special way!

‘Alan was my first trainer at Franklin Covey's Principle Centred Leadership Program based on 8th Habit of Program way back in 2008. Alan was amazingly knowledgeable, yet so patient with all the questions from the high powered participants. I had never made such furious practical notes at any training program, and I was itching to implement them. And it was my good fortune that Alan also became my first ever Coach, as part of the program. Coaching by Alan force multiplied my performance as a CEO, leading to a out-performance of all stretch business goals and great team engagement. Alan had a huge role to play in my company become a leading player in the Indian market. Alan's thoughtful, yet challenging and powerful approach was an inspiration for me to become more coach like in my managing style. I am so delighted to see Alan now leading his own Coach training and coaching practice - The Coaching Lighthouse. Coaching is still evolving in India; it remains an under-appreciated approach to growth in business and self. I remain fully confident that Coaching Lighthouse will become a beacon for developing more coaches, and for transforming performance and lives. I strongly recommend the 'Artistry of Coaching' - the Coach training program of Coaching Lighthouse. It is a well rounded and well grounded programme, distilled from decades of coaching practice.

Sandeep Asthana,

CEO Birla Sun Life

Dear Alan and Pragati,

This is to place on record my appreciation of Coaching Lighthouse’s The Artistry of Coaching program in Mumbai starting November 2016.

As Master Coaches, you led the program with distinction. I had been considering enrolling for an executive coaching program for more than a year. I studied the various options, spoke to a bunch of professionals and weighed the pros and cons of each program. I eventually picked Coaching Lighthouse based on my conversations with Alan. You patiently answered my questions, gave me a broader perspective on the evolution of coaching across the world—and also where the coaching space was headed in India. Plus, I received a strong recommendation from Kavi Arasu, who knew the both you during his stint as head of learning and leadership development at Asian Paints.

In essence, I was looking for a coaching program that was tailored for the Indian market. I discovered that fit at Coaching Lighthouse. I liked the flexible approach and the sensible amalgam of various tools and techniques, without the attendant rigidities associated with many global programs.

There were many other unique features of the program. One, there were many diverse formats used to make the learning experience come alive. Apart from 12 days of live workshop (accompanied by role playing), we also had four webinars over the weekends, coaching sessions with the other participants and a variety of assignments. Two, for most live sessions, we had access to at least four master coaches teaching a class of eight coaches. The high student-faculty ratio ensured that we received plenty of individualised attention from the master coaches. Three, the participants were carefully curated as well, from a diverse backgrounds and accomplishments. We stood to gain from the richness of the conversations and group interactions. Finally, both the program material and the sessions were in-depth and rigorous, and supported by a focus on actual practice.

The Coaching Lighthouse coaching program is particularly relevant for any professional who is looking to use coaching as a tool for leadership development at the workplace. It is also tailored for those who are looking to complete the accreditation process, laid down by the International Coaching Federation.

I would wholeheartedly recommend it for its local relevance, rigour and the quality of the master coaches and coaches.

Thank you for designing a relevant and valuable program for us in India.

I wish both of you all the success in the years ahead.

Indrajit Gupta

Co-founder & Director Founding Fuel Publishing Pvt Ltd

I had been keen to get my coaching training done with a good trainer and a training house which imbibes and values the ethos and the essence of coaching. I had over the last few years interacted with multiple trainers and had not felt comfortable enough to sign up for their programmes. Given my interest in being a life coach and also the fact that I had been coaching for the past few years, the choice of trainer(s) was very critical to me.

I met Alan in Mumbai thanks to a recommendation by Kavirasu who is a very close friend and a great coach . Over an extended discussion, I could sense in my interaction with Alan and Pragati that they were committed to the core idea of what coaching is and should be all about. The depth of their experience, the clarity of their thoughts and the way they articulated their own personal reasons for running this program gave me the comfort and the confidence to not just sign up myself but to get 2 more friends and potential coaches to join the program.

I have had the most remarkable experience in the 12 days spent in the classroom and in the additional conference calls that have happened over the 3 month period of this program. Alan and Pragati have mastered not just the essence of being great coaches themselves but also bring a deep sense on how to guide each participant through the journey of becoming a coach by leveraging and building on each participant's individual signature style and strengths. Their ability to guide very diverse personalities and experience holders and weave together a wonderful learning environment is not just a reflection of their deep understanding of this area but also their alignment at their very core with the purpose of coaching and their commitment to the impact a good coach can make. Adult learning is always a complex process and Alan along with his co trainers brings a unique experience and understanding of this area.

I have personally acquired very good understanding and insights about the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to be a good coach. My own personal commitment to being a good coach and indeed a deeper connect with my own journey as a coach has been possible due to the valuable inputs provided by Alan, Pragati, Savitha and Kavi. Each of these individuals engaged seamlessly with us as a participant and helped us immerse ourselves in the world of coaching. I have personally experienced the changes I went through due to my own deeper understanding of myself and have also witnessed my fellow participant’s journey during this period.

To summarise, Coaching Lighthouse stands tall as a beacon of hope which can make a deep and positive contribution to help coaching evolve in India. I look forward to build on my coaching journey by continuing to engage with Alan, Pragati, Savita and Kavi and also my fellow participants.

I wish Alan and the entire Coaching lighthouse family a wonderful future.

Atul Sethi,

Dean, SP Jain Institute of Management 

I attended the three module-coaching program with Alan under his organization Coaching lighthouse. As for a lot of people with a plethora of options available today, one thing that made me opt for Coaching Lighthouse was the raving reviews that Alan had from his previous Participants.

During the nine days that we spent together, it was an amazing learning Journey and most important huge personal insights and breakthroughs. Alan brilliantly blends concepts from Neurology, psychology, being ably supported by his own coaching experience to ready you for your coaching journey.

With two CEOS, one Head of HR, One Dean of Academics, one Journalist our batch itself helped us learn well. I am sure Alan will help lot of other people follow their heart and add value to themselves, their teams and organizations through coaching.

Paritosh Shukla,

Director, Transphorm

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