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Artistry of Coaching

The art of facilitating breakthrough and transformation, the soul of

Executive, Development and Life coaching.


Weaving together live Training, practice Coaching and Mentoring to form a strong fabric of learning that translates to confidence and competence as a coach.

Artistry of Coaching unfolds in an atmosphere of inquiry and discovery. 
Whether you learn best by listening, observing or doing or a combination; our methodology will satisfy your learning style. We blend training, facilitation, discussion, learning exercises, coaching demonstration, peer coaching practice, observed sessions, feedback and mentoring to rapidly build coaching competence. We leverage the diverse knowledge, experience and perspectives that you bring to the program to co-create a unique learning experience for the group.  

We strike an optimum balance between theory and practice. We ensure that a deep foundation of essentials is established before building on concepts and models. 


Knowing more about coaching is not the same as knowing coaching.

Our methodology allows the learners to: 

  • listen to a concept or theory being presented

  • ask questions to clarify or to understand

  • express an opinion, disagreement or exception

  • share an experience

  • trigger opinions or discussion

  • learn the 'What' aspect of the theory in action by observing a live demonstration

  • learn the 'How' aspect by doing practice coaching

  • get feedback and mentoring tips

  • reflect

  • gain insights and own understanding

  • use the new learning in the next practice coaching

  • develop new skills/capabilities

  • know coaching    

Live training

Highly interactive live training sessions that balances training, facilitation and coaching to create a space for deep learning to take place. The sessions are immersive, intense and fun!

Coaching Demo

Observe real coaching demonstrations by experienced coach facilitators to learn how theory translates to practice. Appreciate the finer nuances of being a coach. Participate in insightful debrief session.

Paired Coaching 

Learn by doing coaching in a safe and supportive environment. The learning from the demo is applied in paired coaching practice sessions. Experience both being a coach and a coachee.

No 'Role play'

Coaching is an authentic conversation. 'Simulated' situations and 'role plays' robs its integrity. All coaching demonstrations and practice coaching sessions are real. 

Coaching triad 

Real-play being a Coach, Coachee and an Observer in triad coaching practice sessions. This highly engaging format creates powerful insights by experiencing coaching from three different roles. 

Observed session

Benefit from high quality feedback and mentoring tips on your coaching from an experienced coach in 'observed' coaching sessions.  

Group Mentoring 

Post live training, assigned peer practice coaching sessions form the basis for webinar based group mentoring sessions. The coaches learn form each others experience and receive mentoring inputs around the ICF core competencies. 

Individual Mentoring 

Strengthen your competence and confidence through individual mentoring sessions. An audio recording of your coaching session (with the client's permission) will be the basis of very specific feedback and mentoring tips provided by an experienced mentor coach.

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