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Our strategic partnership with expert organizations enable us to collaborate, customize and present impact-full solutions to our clients. Coaching Lighthouse is pleased to present Centre for Executive Education as our exclusive knowledge partner for the ASEAN reagion. 

The Centre for Executive Education (CEE) is an award winning and the premier network for established human resource management and executive development consulting firms globally.

CEE has established global strategic partnerships with Executive Development Associates(EDA), International Professional Managers Association (IPMA), Action Management Associates Inc. (AMAI) as well as a network of Affiliate Partners across the Asia Pacific region.

CEE partner with clients to identify, select and develop their next generation of leaders who will navigate the organisation through tomorrow’s business challenges.

As a result the organisation will achieve a sustainable competitive advantage and success in an ever changing, highly disruptive and increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (collectively known as “VUCA”) business environment.

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